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Certifications: E.S.M.T & C.C.M.T.

Joseph Lockwood: Therapist

When I was 5 years old, I told my mom that I wanted a horse. Therefore, for Christmas that year I got a nice “Fisher Price” Barn with horses and a stable. Well, my yearning for a horse continued. The next Christmas, I once again asked for a horse! Well, I got a horse, only this time it was a large stuffed horse. I never gave up my dream of owning and riding a horse. One day, we were in PetSmart and all of the English apparel was on clearance. I told Mom that “This was my lucky day”! We could buy everything that I needed to learn to ride and it was 80% off!  We decided that I should ride English due to the fact that I am Hungarian. I was adopted from an orphanage in Hungary at the age of 2. I told mom that I am European and MUST RIDE ENGLISH. I immediately began riding and after only 3 months of riding was asked to compete in our state show. I won “State Champion” in my division and that began my love of horses.

It was realized very early on that I could feel what the animals were feeling. If they felt unsettled/anxious I could immediately feel tension in my hands. I felt the pounding of their hearts as my hands worked on each muscle, releasing tension until their hearts beat in sync with mine. I relieved muscle spasms, placed my hands on wild horses until they calmed, but more importantly noticed that we were able to “feel one another’s presence”! It was almost as if a silent language was communicated. I knew that I indeed… found my calling!

You see, I am deaf and therefore words are unnecessary. My work is a work of the hands; some say that it is bodywork. I say that it is soul work and that animals have souls, spirits. Somehow, I am able to calm even the most restless of horses/dogs.

I continued to compete, Hunter/Jumper until the age of 18, winning many shows as State Champion. Mom used to laugh because anything less than a blue or red ribbon was not acceptable to me.  A couple of years ago I decided to study to become a Therapist. However, animals have always been part of my life. I have a horse named Breeze and Breeze is Deaf just as I am.  We have a unique way of communicating. Perhaps it was Breeze that enabled me to become the “Animal Communicator” that I am. I feel what animals feel.

Today, I work as a practicing therapist to canine and equine patients thanks to the training and certification I earned with Mary Schreiber of Equissage, Inc. Many dogs have lived in shelters, been abused and have histories that are unknown to their owners.  I am able to, through touch and therapeutic massage, heal both physical pain and anxiety that may stem from past experiences which we may not understand.


About US


Hooves and Paws is dedicated to providing professional therapy services to your equine and canine companions. Through the power of

massage therapy we provide physical and psychological healing to your horse or dog. Of course, therapeutic massage does not replace

veterinary care and there may be symptoms associated with pain that may not be able to be relieved by therapy and so we then turn to the

care offered by modern medicine.

It matters not if we are talking about our young furry companion or the later years in life, massage enables the blood to circulate, adding months and even years to the lifespan of your pet.  What more could we do for our beloved pet than to provide, not only a massage, but a type of therapy that enhances wellness, and provides the equivalent to an aerobic workout.