“Sweetie is 10 years old, a mix of lab and ridgeback and weighs about 95 pounds.  She has stiffness in her hips and very often drags one of her back legs when she walks.  It took only a minute or two for her to warm up to Joseph!  He worked on her upper legs and hips, and showed me where the pressure points were that can be massaged to help with stiffness. 

 Very often Sweetie whines when she sits or lays because of the pain.  After a 30-minute session with Joseph, she is noticeably

more relaxed and strenuous movements such as running and jumping are less challenging.”

- Susanne, Baton Rouge, LA USA

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"As soon as Champ was released, he bent all four legs and lowered himself to the ground, rolled over on his back and started rolling in the dirt. From the wild horse before the session, Champ visibly became calmer."

- The Advocate

Equine and Canine Therapy